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Collin County's website is a huge endeavor with a few thousand internal pages, scores Court records, such as divorce decrees, are always kept by the courts.
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And the person has not been convicted of a felony in the five years preceding date of arrest; or if charged with a Class C misdemeanor, the person was never convicted and no court-ordered supervision under CCP art. Successful discharge and dismissal of deferred adjudication CCP art. The court where the petition is filed is the court that granted deferred adjudication probation. Immediately eligible for all other misdemeanors. Capital murder or murder Stalking Injury to a child or elderly Violation of protection order During deferred or the waiting period, petitioner has been convicted or placed on deferred adjudication for any offense other than a traffic offense punishable by fine only.

See TEX. It is important that discovery responses and documents produced be reviewed carefully. Unfortunately, it is all too common for people not to produce certain incriminating documents or completely respond to certain questions in full.

Based upon the answers and documents received, it might be necessary to take certain steps to force the other side to comply with your discovery requests and provide proper responses. The scope of discovery requests should be limited to inquiries that may lead to the discovery of admissible evidence.

While that is pretty broad, a litigant cannot just go on a fishing expedition seeking irrelevant information and material. Your divorce lawyer in Flower Mound, TX may object in writing to discovery requests that exceed what is accepted in the family court and a judge will rule and enter an order dictating what must be answered. If the other attorney abuses discovery, a motion for relief can be filed with the court, which can lead to punishment including monetary and other sanctions on the abusing party.

Unreasonable delays to litigation and refusal to cooperate sometimes happens. The good news is there is a remedy for that type of behavior. Contact a divorce lawyer Flower Mound, TX trusts. You think your spouse is on the same page, and you have decided that it is time to bring your marriage to an end. So, what type of divorce should you pursue? If you live in Texas and are thinking about adopting a child, it is important to do your research.

The process can be challenging if you do not know what to expect; and, if you need financial assistance, there are resources available — provided that you know where to look. You can use the resources linked below to learn more about adopting in Texas; and, if you live in the McKinney area, we encourage you to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced family lawyers. Whether you are going through a divorce or separation or struggling to collect payment from a former spouse or partner, if you are dealing with a matter that involves child support, you need to be careful to avoid costly errors.

From improperly calculating child support to stopping payment without court approval, there are a variety of mistakes can have long-term consequences for you and your children. If you and your spouse agree that it is time to end your marriage, you may be considering an amicable divorce. An amicable divorce is a low-stress and cost-effective way to end a marriage, and it is a method that spouses in Texas are using with increasing frequency.

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As a parent, adjusting to a custody and visitation schedule and maintaining regular contact with your former spouse are likely to be among the most-difficult aspects of life early after your divorce. While certain challenges are going to be inevitable, there are steps you can take during and after your divorce to make this transition as comfortable for you and your children as possible.

When President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law on December 22, several aspects of the federal tax code changed significantly. When preparing to go through a divorce, there are both steps you need to take and mistakes you need to avoid.

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Here are seven common mistakes that can negatively impact the outcome of your divorce, including some that can potentially get you into legal trouble. When contemplating a divorce, there are several questions you need to answer. From legal questions i. When going through a divorce, it is important to keep in mind that various aspects of your divorce can have tax consequences; and, for many separating couples, tax planning can be a key component of the divorce process. This is a common concern among spouses contemplating divorce, and one that is worthy of consideration when preparing to go through the divorce process.

When you are preparing for a divorce it is important to understand how your divorce may affect your tax obligations to the Internal Revenue Service IRS. While IRS Publication sets forth various tax rules that apply when you are divorced, figuring out how to file and report alimony, child support, property settlements and other transfers of assets can be a very challenging process.

Because it so easy to get lost in the maze of IRS rules and regulations, below are some key points to help you better understand how your federal taxes may change after a divorce. Even setting aside complex issues such as valuation of substantial assets and retirement account distributions, spouses will often be at odds over the not-so-simple issue of deciding who gets what.

Typically, these forms of temporary financial support will last for the duration of the divorce process; although, in some cases, a judge may order temporary maintenance for a shorter period of time. Getting divorced can impact your life in several ways, but directly affecting your credit is not one of them. The banks and credit rating agencies do not consider marital status when determining your creditworthiness. So, your credit status did not change when you got married, and it will not change when you get divorced.

For many people, getting a divorce is a fresh start. It is a chance to leave the past behind, and to begin anew without the stresses and burdens that held them back over the years or decades past. While there will always be certain reminders, changing your name is one way to help facilitate moving on and transitioning into a new, independent life. Getting divorced can be a life-changing experience, and the decision to file for divorce is not one to be taken lightly.

From the emotional and family consequences to the more-practical financial considerations e. Will you be paying or receiving spousal support? Getting divorced is a process that starts with thoughtful and thorough preparation. There are several issues you will need to address, and the more you do to prepare, the better able you will be to negotiate — or, if necessary, fight — for the outcome you desire. From understanding the implications of your prenuptial agreement if any to taking steps to improve your chances of securing child custody, being proactive at the outset of the process can have significant benefits down the line.

According to a new academic study, it appears that there may be certain times of year when dissatisfied spouses are more likely to file for divorce. Specifically, based upon divorce data accumulated between and , divorce rates spike twice a year — first in March and then again in August. If you are in your 50s or older and considering a divorce, you are not alone.

In fact, while overall divorce rates have remained relatively steady since the early s, the divorce rate among spouses age 50 and above has doubled over the same time period. Among senior citizens age 65 and over, the increase has been even more substantial. If you have been doing your research about filing for divorce, you have probably come across more than one website offering the promise of getting your divorce online.

While this may seem like an appealing, low-cost option, there are a number of reasons why going through the divorce process online is not ideal for most spouses. Consider, for example, the following:.

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Generally speaking, income that either spouse earns during the marriage is considered community property and therefore subject to division in a divorce , and this includes military pensions and other retirement benefits. If you have children and are preparing for a divorce in Texas, you can generally expect that either you or your spouse will come out of your divorce with an obligation to pay child support.

Child support is the one aspect of a divorce where separating spouses have the least flexibility; and, as we previously discussed, payment of child support is a requirement in most Texas divorces. For any couple with children, this is a crucial question, and one that unfortunately often gets overlooked during the divorce process.

From the division of your marital property including, potentially, military retirement benefits to establishing child custody rights, there are unique issues you will need to address that do not come into play in civilian divorces. Much like relationships, no two divorces are exactly alike.

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In Collin County and most other counties throughout Texas, once one spouse files for divorce, both spouses are required to disclose their finances in what is known as a Sworn Inventory and Appraisement. Are retirement assets subject to equitable distribution in Texas? If so, will I be required to give up or am I entitled to receive retirement benefits as part of my divorce? These days, most couples resolve at least the majority of their differences out of court. In Texas, there are two ways to establish the terms of a divorce: i by going to court, and ii by entering into a martial settlement agreement.

For individuals who are preparing to go through a divorce, especially those in deeply-strained relationships, it is natural to wonder what options are available for protecting your property. If your spouse just filed for divorce, there are a few important things you need to understand right away.

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This article provides an overview of what you can expect over the coming days, weeks and months, but to protect your rights, it is important that you seek advice from an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible. For many people, the New Year is a time for change, and for some, that change means filing for divorce.

If you are planning to file for divorce in or if you are concerned that your spouse may want to file for divorce , this article outlines some important considerations to keep in mind. Last June, the U. Supreme Court issued its landmark decision in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, holding that the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.

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Constitution requires all 50 states to both license and recognize same-sex marriages. As we move into , we wanted to take a moment to recap some of our top custody-related articles from last year. If you have children and are contemplating a divorce, or if you need help enforcing or modifying an existing custody arrangement, you can read the articles linked below to learn more about your legal rights.

Or, for legal advice specific to your personal situation, feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced child custody lawyers. There is some evidence to suggest that postnuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular in Texas, with couples using them for everything from providing for their children to establishing the parameters for a trial separation. If you are a business owner going through a divorce, understanding your rights with regard to keeping your business will be a critical aspect of the process.

Your rights will depend on a number of different factors and regardless of the default rules that apply, you may still have options for negotiating sole ownership if your spouse would otherwise be entitled to a stake in the company. In this article, we provide an overview of some of the key issues that come into play. For a thorough evaluation of your individual circumstances, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation. While entering into a formal, written agreement with your spouse or spouse-to-be may seem unnecessary at first blush, there are actually several important reasons why it may make sense to have a discussion with your partner about signing on the dotted line.

When going through a divorce in Collin County, one of the most important issues that will need to be resolved involves splitting up the property that you and your spouse shared while you were married. As part of your divorce, you will need to work with a Collin County divorce attorney to make sure that all of the property you and your spouse own is accounted for.