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To select a continuous series of emails, I check the box for an email, hold Shift, then select the last email in the series Hold Shift and 8, then press u to select all unread messages. Press "/" to move your cursor into the search tab quickly. The Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts For "Compose View".
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Sometimes I just need to quickly compose a message from the inbox view, so I press c to do this. To go directly to tasks, press g then k. You'll be taken directly to your task list where you can ensure you answer emails, meet deadlines, and follow up in a timely manner. Simply select the conversations you'd like to add to tasks and hold down Shift while you press t. You'll be taken directly to your task list where you'll see your selected task auto-populate. Need to reply to more than one person?

Press a to "reply all" in a message thread. Do you need to quickly forward an email? Pressing f will forward the current message to someone.

38 Gmail Tips That Will Help You Conquer Email

If I need to respond to a message, but don't have time, I'll hold Shift and press u to mark it as unread and come back to it later. To archive the current conversation, just press e again, the same shortcut for archiving in Inbox View. When I'm catching up on a lengthy email thread, I press n to quickly jump to the next conversation in the thread. This saves me time instead of scrolling with my mouse.

Microsoft Outlook 2010: Sending and Receiving Email

Conversely, if you need to return to the previous conversation in a lengthy email thread, press p to jump backward. This is one of my favorites. When I'm stuck in a lengthy thread that's irrelevant to me, I press m to mute the thread. Thus, any new replies that come to this thread are automatically archived. To insert a numbered list, hold Command and Shift , then press 7. To insert a bullet point, hold Command and Shift , then press 8. Sure, there's a "remove formatting" button, but this shortcut lets you keep typing without hitting the mouse.

Press Tab to quickly switch between the recipient, subject line, and body when composing an email.

Gmail Guide: The Mobile App, Composing Mail, and Conversations

Did you delete a few emails by accident? All you have to do is press z to undo your previous action. Are you struggling to indent a line of text in Gmail? Indenting or tabbing can be tricky in Gmail, but luckily, there's a shortcut for that.

Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

This shortcut is particularly helpful if there's a bulk action you'd like to perform to more than one email e. Is your inbox getting out of control? You can open any file attachment directly from your mailbox, provided that you have the right application. If the file type is one that is supported by the installed software on your computer, you can typically double-click the file and your computer automatically launches the right application for reading that file.

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Computer viruses are often spread through file attachments. Therefore, system administrators might block incoming email containing certain types of attachments, often with the extension. EXE or. ZIP as part of their filename. If you send an email message to someone whose email system has been configured to block certain types of attachments, you might not receive any notification if the email was blocked.

You can attach documents, spreadsheets, pictures, slide shows, and other types of files to an email message. Note: Recipients must have the appropriate software to open the file. You can easily add an attachment to an email message by dragging the file from a folder into your email.

You can include an automatic signature at the end of an email. A signature can include your name and any additional text. You can create more than one signature. For example, you can have a formal signature for emails sent to customers and an informal signature for emails sent to friends. If you create multiple email identities also known as personas , you can create different signatures and assign them to specific addresses.

Messages created using the HTML editor can have text formatting, numbering, bullets, colored background, tables, and links. However, some email clients do not accept messages formatted in HTML. You can change the editor for a specific message. To retrieve a draft, open the Drafts folder and click on the message. When the message is sent, the message is removed from the Drafts folder. Before you close the spell checker, you can change a corrected word back to the original spelling. Click on the highlighted word and select the initial spelling from the top of the pop-up.

Sometimes a message cannot be delivered. One reason is because the email address is not valid.

Speed up your Gmail workflow

In this case, verify that you have the correct address. Other causes can be that the recipient's mailbox is full or the recipient's mail system is having problems. If a message is rejected, it bounces back to you with a message stating why it could not be delivered. Composing and Sending Email You can compose and send your email messages as soon as you write them, compose a draft and return to it later to finish and send, or compose the message and specify a time in the future to send the message. Note: You can send a message without an address in the To field if there is an address in either the Cc or Bcc field.

In the Subject field, tell the recipient what the message is about. The Gmail Interface is easy to use and provides many useful and easily accessible features. You can check your Gmail almost anywhere as long as you have a good data connection using your mobile phone or tablet. Since Android is the most popular mobile phone operating system in the world, we will show you the Gmail interface on an Android phone. Pressing the menu button on your phone allows you to change general and label settings, refresh your inbox to make sure you get new messages, send feedback, and get help.

Composing email in Gmail on your Android phone is easy. Simply touch the envelope button with the plus sign at the top of the screen. Touch the arrow in the upper, right corner of the screen to send the email. While you can organize your emails using labels and filters discussed in Lesson 3 and Lesson 4 to make it easy to find email messages, if you need to quickly find a specific email you can search through all your Gmail messages using keywords. Simply touch the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Enter your search term and touch the magnifying glass on the on-screen keyboard to perform the search.

Suggestions display as you type. That should give you a pretty good idea of the app interface. While this window is open, you can access your messages in your inbox behind the window, so you can refer to other messages while writing the new one.

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  • If the recipient is in your address book, start typing the name of the recipient to display matching contacts. Click on a contact in the list of the results to insert that person as a recipient. Then, enter the main text for your email in the body of the message below the subject. Gmail allows you to apply some basic formatting to the text in the body of your email, such as different fonts and sizes, bold, italic, text color, and bulleted and numbered lists. Another toolbar displays above the bottom toolbar with options for formatting and aligning your text.

    You can also easily undo formatting you have applied.