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I downloaded My Mobile Recovery to my HTC Droid Eris. Apparently if I lose my phone, I can delete my contacts and lock my phone from a computer by going to.
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Also this will be the official service and if you go with this then there are very less chance that you will be out of the warranty or you will be out of the contract that you have with the cell phone.

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In addition to this let me tell you that you will have the updates working if and only if you have not installed anything worst or anything illegal before on your cell phone. The procedure that was explained in the second post of the thread is really something risky. So if you want to go with this then you will have to keep the warranty thing at risk as the update that you will be going to install might not be from the official servers and hence there are chances that you might lose the warranty. IN addition to this I would also like you to see if you can make the downgrade on the cell phone and see if that can really prove out to be remedy in your case.

Well it seems that the cell phone that you are having does not require the upgrade just make the downgrade and see if it is working in the fine manner here after. Hope that you will have no trouble in going with this step.

HTC Droid Eris, the under-Droid

Just let me get notified about the same. I would really like you to have the Soft Reset on the cell phone. I have seen that the issues like lagging or unresponsive applications that are making the cell phone of yours frustrating can be easily solved with the soft reset. Not only that; it will also restore your cell phone to the normal state at which it was before. Follow the steps below and see if it can really solve the various issues that you have got after making the update: You can see the red phone icon that is there at the front of the cell phone; you will be required to press and hold that button.

Once you are done with this then you will be required to select the Turn off and let the cell phone get switched off. Then you will be required to remove the battery and keep it out for say 10 minutes. After the ten minutes passes then you can again install the battery in the cell phone. After this you can press the red phone icon so that the cell phone can start. If the soft reset does not solve the issue then I think that it will be great if you can just go with the Hard Reset.

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For sure before going with this make sure that you have the back up of all the data there. As the steps mentioned below will clear all data and settings out of the cell phone. For proceeding with this you will have to turn of the cell phone first. Then you can just keep pressing the Volume Down button on the cell phone. After this you will have to press the Send button along with the Volume Down button. After that the Power button will be required to press as well.

You will see the instructions on your screen that you will be required to follow so that you can get the Hard Reset complete. If that also does not solve the issue then you can for sure go with the replacement. Can magnets in cell phone pouch damage Android Phone? Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Search this Thread : Advanced Search. The time now is PM.

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How to Reset HTC Droid Eris Android Mobile - Simple Methods

Thread Tools. Search this Thread. Bees Member. Join Date: Dec Posts: Abenaki Member. Join Date: Mar Posts: 1, Re: HTC Droid Eris hanging a lot After looking at the whole thing that you have presented here it seems to me that you will be required to make the updates again on the cell phone. In case of theft or loss of your phone or tablet you can begin to emit an alarm or remotely delete all data. If you want to have more control to try alternatives like Prey or Cerberus the review of Anti-Theft apps is published right here Top Apps.

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We have reached the point where the use of a smartphone with Android with Google Apps is simply inconvenient. Fortunately, these applications are offering high quality and add many important functions that you can use on your device. If they are not installed immediately, you should download it from Google Play:.

These are the important applications that everyone should have. If you use Gmail and Google Calendar you should also install them. Soon, the Google family will get bigger. However, there are some easier ways to write. Frankly speaking, there is no perfect keyboard, but Google Play offers a lot of interesting alternatives that you may like.

Some of HTC’s design decisions are downright frustrating

Here are the most interesting ones:. Your new Android phone has been practically set up. Here are some of the best suggestions:. Google Play is fine but there are some apps which you cannot find there. Sometimes you may find some incredible promotion in some alternative store. So let's install programs such as:. At the same time watch out for the black market and all the files freely available on the Web. They often contain pirated applications that might endanger the security of the system. If you do not want any viruses nor other nasty problems you have to be really careful while installing APK file.

If this was useful, please share to help others and follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. Toggle navigation. Soft Reset Force Restart. Viewed times. Log in to your Google Account When starting for the first time our new Android phone you will be asked to complete certain data. Set up screen lock You're already logged into your Google account and you are on the main screen. Activate phone tracking Another thing you should activate is the Android Device Manager.