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If you're curious about the value of your antique dolls, our price guide styles that will be useful in finding out how much your doll is worth. eye French Fashion dolls tend to sell for less than glass-eye dolls, there are some exceptions . . collector demand for very large, good quality antique German dolls.
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Believe it or not, Barbie is turning 60, and the She remains the most popular fashion doll ever, with more than models sold every minute, according to Mattel.

What Is an Antique?

Her YouTube channel boasts more than five million subscribers, she has more than 14 million fans on Facebook , and her BarbieStyle Instagram feed has nearly two million followers. Americans collect in and year cycles. As with all collectibles, condition matters. The very first Barbies are very valuable—and rare. For collectors and appraisers, the value is in the details. She also had two round holes in the bottom on her feet to accommodate a special posing stand.

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Beyond 50s and 60s dolls and accessories, certain collectibles from the 70s, 80s, and 90s may fetch money in the right condition. There are dolls through the history of Barbie, even as recent as 10 to 15 years ago, that still go for at least four figures.

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Any Barbie connected with something of cultural significance may be saleable. You can get a sense of what your collection is worth by browsing eBay or Etsy for vintage prices. So if you think you have something valuable, a doll show or doll expert can help you decide.

Antiques: How to Collect Antique Dolls : Antique Dolls: What to Look For

Verderame recommends finding an appraiser—not a reseller—to help you value your doll. Vintage doll shows can be a good place to find appraisers, or you can search online at sites like the International Society of Appraisers. You may also be able to get an online appraisal, such as one from Dollfixer.

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Get multiple offers on your items for free with PawnGuru. Social Navigation Twitter Instagram Pinterest. Pawn or Sell An Item. How to Sell Porcelain Dolls January Instead of collecting dust, why not let your porcelain dolls collect cash?


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