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The community awareness training will be on an ongoing basis and will include presentations to community groups, business organizations, social media posts, news articles and information on the City of Newton website. Participation in the proposed program will be mandatory for all residential rental property managers. The program will require the property manager to attend the property management training; managers must require every tenant to sign a lease and a lease addendum agreeing to not engage in criminal activity, including drug related activity, on the property or within feet of the rental property; and background checks on all tenants living on the property is required.

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The background checks will be administered by the City of Newton and will provide property managers with a nationwide criminal record check for their current and prospective tenants. Based on the results of the criminal history check, as well as additional checks the property manager may do on their own, the property manager can decide whether to rent to a perspective tenant or not. The decision to rent to a perspective tenant is at the discretion of the property manager.

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Tenants who do not abide by the lease and lease addendum are subject to termination of tenancy and in some cases a single violation of any provision of the lease or lease addendum, based on the severity of action or crime, is grounds for termination of tenancy. The City of Newton will track police calls to the rental properties as well as any violations of the fire or nuisance codes and will provide these reports to the property manager for follow up and warning or eviction of problem tenants.

Property managers who violate the provisions of the Crime Free Multi-Housing ordinance are subject to warnings, fine, or suspension of their rental permit for up to 90 days.

22-year-old Marshalltown man killed in crash

If a property manager is not able to attend the mandatory training when scheduled, they will be issued a temporary or conditional rental permit until that training can completed within a specified time period. This increase would cover the administration of the program, property management training and tenant background checks. The City of Newton is excited to partner with our rental property owners and managers in an effort to improve the quality of life of their tenants and provide a safe environment for the community as a whole.

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That is the tip of iceberg as far as they digging for records will be. The City of Ankeny acknowledges the right of the public to access public records maintained by the City in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter The Records Center is open a.

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Obtain a certified copy of your own driving record on our myMVD website. The Iowa Department of Corrections protects the public , employees and offenders in several ways. This area issues marriage licenses as well as registers birth, death and marriage certificates. Document Type: School Safety. Date: Monday, February 29, Note: Hover … U.

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Run A Background Check:. Tips On Iowa Background Checks Many of us never think twice about how important criminal records and background check s are, yet it is something you may want to do in Iowa. Who Lives Close To Me?

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Think about the people who live just a couple houses down from you in your neighborhood. Do you know what any of their names are?

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  4. How To Background-Check Healthcare And Childcare Service Providers by admin Jun 3, Articles The healthcare and childcare sectors are, without a doubt, two of the largest employment sectors in the nation, and most of us rely on them every single day to take care of our precious loved ones. With so many people working in these industries, however, it can You cannot assume that the people you care about will never find themselves in a dangerous situation or that you will never be threatened.

    It is best to have a pro-active attitude when it This is a very unpleasant yet truthful thought. Many parents and other concerned citizens live in fear of the unknown because of these predators.

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    One group that is particularly dangerous and alarming to parents are sex offenders This is something done to be safe and to protect the company and the customers. Small businesses tend to neglect background checks but there are really no reasons for them not to perform background Counties in Iowa.

    Free Background Checks And Criminal Records For Iowa Iowa currently has a crime threat level of three which means it is generally a very safe place to live. It is better to make life easier for yourself, by filling out the form below. Iowa State Patrol State police organization responsible for patrolling over , miles of roadways in Iowa.