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We protect your financial interests at every turn. This is often done by the spouse who will likely have to pay child support or alimony. He or she will complain about his or her poor financial condition. This strategy may be done as an attempt to lower the support payment by:. Dividing marital property is almost always a one-shot deal.

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Thinking that your outcome was unfair is not enough to reopen your judgment. To successfully appeal a division of property ruling, you have to clear a very high bar.

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To be successful, you must convince the divorce court that a mistake was made when considering the facts of the case. Alternatively, you may have to prove fraud or duress. Dividing property and debt is one of the things we do best in divorce cases. Discover why our clients return to us and recommend us to their friends. Call us or contact us online for an initial case evaluation.

We also invite you to start finding answers by reviewing our FAQ section or learning about the Massachusetts Divorce Courts. To learn more, we encourage you to call us at today. How Judges Decide.

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How Judges Make Decisions During a Divorce Family court judges have a lot of discretion in deciding: Who gets custody of the children How much child support should be ordered Whether to award alimony How to divide property On the upside, this unpredictability and a lack of black-and-white rules gives your attorney room to make arguments. Deciding Custody Who Gets Custody?

Child Support Cases Are Handled Locally Child support laws are the same across the state, but it is critical to work with a firm that is familiar with the individual counties, courts, and judges. Make Sure the Child Support Calculations Are Correct Child support calculations, while they appear straightforward, can be easily incorrect. Deciding Alimony Awarding Alimony Generally speaking, alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is money paid by the higher income-earning spouse to the lesser earning spouse.

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How Long Is Alimony Paid? Deciding Property Division In Massachusetts, divorce laws dictate how property and debt is divided. This strategy may be done as an attempt to lower the support payment by: Deferring income until after the divorce Living off expense accounts Storing vacation time, sick days or personal days for future payment Creating fake loans that are listed as debts on their financial statements Only reporting partial bonuses You Only Have One Chance to Divide Property When You Get Divorced Dividing marital property is almost always a one-shot deal.

Contact Our Massachusetts Divorce Lawyers Today Dividing property and debt is one of the things we do best in divorce cases.

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Please make a selection. Message Please enter a message. Send Information. Under the Alimony Reform Act, reaching the Act's durational limits shall be deemed a material change of circumstance to be considered by the court. However, the court will only grant alimony termination if the court finds that deviation from those limits is warranted for good cause and such cause is in writing. Does : The burden of proof to continue alimony payments after the durational limits of the Act rests with the alimony receiver after the payers' filing of a modification with the court. Such conditions shall be considered by the court.

A complaint for modification must be filed with the court. The payor must meet the burden of proof whether the alimony should be reduced, suspended, or terminated.

Does Not Do : Non-modifiable separation agreements are not changed by H. The best way to get a bill passed into law is encourage your House and Senate members to support the bill. To get started, click the link for your State legislator contact information. We recommend calling your legislator directly, rather than initially sending an email. Use an email to follow-up on the call, and then to keep following up. Please contact Steve Hitner and arrange a meeting with your legislators, so that Steve can bring his supporting information on a why the Bill is needed, b the history of the Bill, and c why supporting the Bill is necessary now.

Also, please support the Alimony Reform efforts with your time and a donation. Your donation offsets the cost of printing the legislative briefing notebooks, parking in Boston, and other expenses to get the Bill introduced and passed into law. Some good SJC news! Two spring SJC decisions ruled the constitutionality of ending alimony payments for divorces prior to March 1, that are subject to durational limits of the Alimony Reform Act. The ruling did not change the SJC ruling that restricted alimony reform for divorces prior to March 1, involving long term marriages greater than 20 years.

We still need legislation to fix the court decision. However, these newer SJC decisions are important for overcoming the negative criticsm that the new alimony reform bill H. Van Arsdale Vs. Van Arsdale. We conclude that the application of the act's durational limits to certain alimony agreements that predate the act is not unconstitutionally retroactive because the statute does not attach "new legal consequences to events completed before its enactment.

Popp Vs.

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Van Arsdale, Mass. Read about our success to get the Alimony Reform Act of unanimously passed by the Massachusetts House and Senate. Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself. Private Detectives. Massachusetts Alimony Reform has been working for more than 15 years to bring peace, independence, and self-sufficiency to the parties of divorce. Our multi-year efforts culminated in the Alimony Reform Act becoming law on September 26, Unfortunately, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, in 3 decisions, misinterpreted the law's clear intent in We continue to work to restore the alimony reform Passed Unanimously in Massachusetts, in December 8, Divorce and Separation, Modification of judgment, Alimony.

A complaint for modification, filed October 7, , was heard by Richard A. Simons, J. Dennis M.