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Free Government, Criminal, and Public Background Check Guide If the individual in question lived in the same county all their life this search can be a piece of.
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The five-panel drug screen tests for traces of opiates, cocaine, amphetamine, marijuana THC , and methamphetamine. Results are reviewed by a board of medical review officers MRO and posted electronically to the VeriFirst website.

View criminal records from participating jurisdictions, administrative office of courts records, department of corrections, superior court index of felonies and misdemeanors and traffic court records, and sex offender records. Federal Criminal Search. Federal criminal record searches can show criminal court file information, accessed via one or more of the 94 U. Federal criminal record searches are conducted at the specific U. Statewide Criminal Search.

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Receive a comprehensive search of statewide criminal records. Results may include felonies, misdemeanors and traffic violations. Due to legal restrictions, some states do not allow repositories to disseminate criminal record data. States that do permit dissemination may require fingerprint cards or a special state authorization form, which may have to be notarized. VeriFirst will notify you of state requirements upon submission. County Criminal Court Search.

A county level court search is often the most accurate, and up-to-date criminal search available. Records are manually and electronically researched at selected County Court s for criminal convictions including felony and misdemeanor offenses. International Watch List.

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Find out if your applicant has been identified by the Department of the Treasury as a threat to the interests and security of the United States. Employment Verification. A configurable GAP report is included, identifying potential breaks in an applicant's employment history. Education Verification. Professional License. Verify professional license numbers and certifications as required by industry.

Records may include: issuing date, registration status, current standing, applicable sanctions, expiration date, and other information as available. License types include: CPA, medical license, teaching credentials, and more.

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MVR- Driver License. Verify an applicant's driver's license number and status. Get a detailed driving history of violations, accidents, suspensions and other information as available. Download a Free Report and Activation Code. Download our Compliance Library for Employee Screening. Leverage additional risk management services including Consumer and Commercial Debt Collection. The register is a collection of all sanctions and convictions from all penal courts since and remains the source for all aspects of criminal record disclosure in the state.

Generally speaking, the disclosure of a criminal record is only released to the individual who committed the offense and only when that individual has handed power of attorney to another or they are declared legally incompetent may another successfully apply to receive the disclosure.

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Perspective employers are not allowed access to disclosure at any time. Applications can be submitted online, via email, in person or by post of fax but are limited to the CJN. Criminal record certificates cannot be accessed through a French consulate or embassy at any time. The three types of criminal bulletin: [42]. Crimes that can be disclosed through the certificate of criminal record: [42].

Removal of Offences from the Record Judgements against an individual are not published on a Bulletin 3 certificate once the rehabilitation period has passed depending on the severity of the conviction either three years for misdemeanours or five years for felony crimes, after the sentence was completed. France has a sex offenders registry but unlike systems such as the United States, does not allow the public to access information regarding the information of cases and individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes, nor does France require the community to be notified of the presence of a sex offender in their neighbourhood as is obligatory in some other countries.

France in particular takes into account the need for rehabilitation as well as the need for public safety.


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Justice Minister Dominique Perben stated "On the one hand, we must improve medical-psychiatric follow-up for these individuals and on the other hand, we must put in place a system that allows us to know where they are so we can help investigators do their jobs" in response to the soaring number of convictions for sexual offences in In Greece , criminal records are written certificates where entries are created according to the legal provisions provided for in Articles of the Greek Code of Criminal Procedure CCrP. An Independent Department of Criminal Records exists within the Ministry of Justice and operates as the central authority, able to supervise the criminal record system in Greece.

According to provisions contained within Article Each criminal record certificate has two components: the first regarding the individuation of the person and the second consisting of the content of the person's prior criminal acts. Specifically, Article These certificates of criminal records will no longer be in effect, according to Article , under the following conditions:.

In the aforementioned cases, the certificates are destroyed upon the validity of the reasons provided. The full and detailed records of a one's criminal past can be available to a certain range of individuals and authorities, under the terms 'general use' and 'judicial use'. Under Article , general use dictates criminal records will and can be supplied for prospective members of the Bar, future notaries and chartered accountants as they are a prerequisite for registration.

Germany has a criminal record system holding all the information regarding past offences and sentences. The information is maintained by the Federal Central Criminal Register Bundeszentralregister , which is in turn subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Justice.

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Once a person turns 14, they are able to request their own criminal record. One's criminal record can be viewed by any member of the public at request, as long as they provide ID and purpose of the disclosure. The information in the criminal record certificate includes prior offences, court citations and convictions. According to the severity of the committed crime and, more importantly, the received sentence, most entries are deleted after 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, respectively.

The only sentences exempt from this rule are life imprisonment, preventive detention and commitment in a mental hospital. Unlike other countries listed on this article, Hong Kong authorities do not allow for access to criminal records by employers or school purposes. To pardon persons convicted of criminal offences or commute their penalties". Criminal records are not purged regardless of time or seriousness of the case. A criminal database exists in Hungary which is allowed for under the 85th Act of on the criminal database and the official certificate of criminal record.

Investigative authorities, public prosecutors offices and criminal courts all contribute to the databases. For people imprisoned for an intentional offence, data will be removed 15 years after their release. If the offence was committed recklessly, then the data will be removed 5 years after release [54] The data is not publicly accessible, but a person can obtain the data held about themselves upon request. However, section 4 of the Data Protection Act allows individuals to make a formal request in writing to the Garda Criminal Records Office to access personal data held about them.

Additionally, a third party may also be able to access your personal data on your behalf. In Ireland, criminal convictions remain on the criminal record system for life if the offence was committed after the individual turned 18, as there are currently no legislative provisions which provide for the expungement of criminal convictions. Ireland remains the only country in the EU and one of the only countries in the Council of Europe area to not have such legislation. However, under Section of the Children Act , offences committed by those under eighteen years of age can be expunged from the record once certain conditions are met: where a person has been found guilty of an offence and:.

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In other words, your conviction will become spent. There is no official sex offender registry in Ireland. Italy has a criminal record system held at the Criminal Records Bureau in Rome, governed by the department of Justice. Who can apply? Anyone who is an Italian citizen or is a non-citizen but has resided in Italy for a significant period of time can apply to see the records at the criminal records bureau or at one of their offices located in Italy. They can also apply from the UK. What is included in the information in which they receive? Penal Certificate — details of all criminal offences, court hearings and outcomes.

Civil Certificate — contains information regarding bankruptcy, mental competency, and information regarding expulsion from Italy. General Certificate — Similar to Penal Certificate but also includes any information regarding expulsion from Italy. Information that is included includes, full name, date of birth, place of birth, reason for request, type of request. Can someone get their record expunged? Yes, Generally speaking, the record of an individual is expunged once the individual reaches 80 years of age or death.

As the Italian system hold information regarding pending trails, once the guilty verdict is confirmed, it can take 3—10 years for their record to be expunged. Information relating to the criminal records of Latvians is held at the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior.

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The aim of this Centre — through the collection of information relating to crime — is to facilitate and investigate the most effective ways in which crime can be prevented to ensure public safety. If a Latvian individual needs a certificate of their criminal history, they can electronically request this through www. They may need this record of their criminal history to submit to employers, study overseas or enter into marriage.